Wardrobe Detox

"A wardrobe detox is not just about decluttering; it's about making space for the best version of you." – Anuschka Rees

Refresh your wardrobe with our expert wardrobe detox service

Let our wardrobe consultants declutter, organise, and refine your closet for a fresh, cohesive look that reflects your unique style.

In the realm of effortless style, our clothes are like a second skin. But let’s be real, sometimes our wardrobes turn into a chaotic maze of styles, sizes, and seasons, leaving us scratching our heads when it comes to putting together a perfect outfit. This is where a wardrobe detox can help.

Ever catch yourself staring into your closet, feeling like you’ve got tons of clothes but nothing that screams “wear me”? We’ve all been there. Let Stylist Studio help you crack your style code. We will dive into your wardrobe, help you uncover hidden gems and figure out exactly where to start when getting dressed. We will spot the gaps and celebrate the pieces that bring happiness and work for you.

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Here is what to expect on your wardrobe detox experience:

Get in touch and schedule a zoom call with your personal stylist, ideally in your home. On your zoom call you will have a chance to consult with you stylist and discuss what you want out of the service. Video call is great here to show the current state of your wardrobe so your stylist can assess how much time is needed. In this call you will also get to know your wardrobe stylist better and to help your stylist get a better understanding of your style, and what you’d love to achieve from your appointment. From here you and your stylist will arrange a day that suits you both to start the wardrobe makeover. 

The fun begins! Your personal wardrobe consultant will come to your home to conduct a thorough assessment of your current wardrobe. This involves examining each item to determine its fit, condition, and relevance to your style and lifestyle. Your wardrobe stylist will then conduct a thorough assessment of your current wardrobe. This involves examining each item to determine its use as well as if the item serves a purpose of joy, as well as an assessment of fit, condition, and relevance to your style and lifestyle. Together with your stylist, you’ll identify items that no longer serve you or align with your style goals. These items may be outdated, ill-fitting, or simply not suited to your current lifestyle. They’ll be set aside for donation, resale, archiving or recycling.

After a few hours of sorting and organising, the remaining items will be rehung, organised and categorised based on expert visual merchandising by colour and style using new hangers and folding. Your wardrobe should feel refreshed and your stylist can offer tips on how to mix and match pieces, accessorise.

Your stylist will help you identify any essential pieces that may be missing from your wardrobe, such as a classic blazer, versatile trousers, or statement accessories. They may also provide recommendations for future purchases based on your needs and budget – and possible schedule a personal shopping appointment in the future.

At the end of the session, your stylist will provide you with personalised recommendations for partners for reselling pre-loved items as well as charity donations, recommendations for tailor partnerships for any alterations discussed and options for archiving or storage. This may include advice on storage solutions, garment care, and how to shop strategically in the future.

Are you ready for your wardrobe to be a true reflection of you?

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