Personal Shopping

"Shopping with a stylist is like having a personal guide to discovering your best self." – Junelia Cabral

Shopping with an Expert...

Take the stress out of shopping with our personalised shopping service. Our stylists will accompany you on a fashion adventure, carefully selecting pieces that suit your body type, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether you need a standout outfit for a special occasion or a complete wardrobe overhaul, we’ll curate a collection that embodies your unique personality.

Discover your signature style at Stylist Studio, your boutique personal stylist studio. 

Discover your signature style at Stylist Studio, your boutique personal stylist studio. 

Personal Shopping Experience

You will jump on a phone call or zoom call to get to know your stylist better and to help your stylist get a better understanding of your style, and what you’d love to achieve from your appointment. From here your stylist will conduct a “prep” prior to your session, forming a strategy of locations, shops, plan of action of how to achieve your style goals on the day. 

The fun begins! You and your personal stylist will hit the shops together, and explore a variety of different brands, styles and colours. You’ll have the opportunity to try on different pieces that your personal stylist will have carefully selected for you before you arrive. After proposals and trying on, you will receive feedback in the moment. Depending on the brand and the luxury level – your stylist will be able to book a private dressing room for a more luxury experience

After a few hours of shopping, most people find that they are in need of a bite to eat (and some refreshments!). You and your personal stylist will usually take a bit of time out to have lunch together, and use this time to discuss how the session has gone. Afterwards you can complete any store visits and purchases.

Once the session is complete and purchases are made, you can sit back, admire your new purchases, and revel in your style and the power of your wardrobe.

Are you ready for your clothes to express who you are?

Get in touch today and schedule a consultation. Experience the transformative power of personalised shopping at the Stylist Studio.