A wardrobe edit

Unleash the power of your wardrobe

Our clothes are a second skin, but sometimes our wardrobes can get so cluttered with different fashions, seasons and sizes that we struggle to unleash their power to make an impact. This is why a wardrobe edit is such an exciting experience, and a fantastic way to begin your styling journey.

If you find yourself looking in your wardrobe and thinking “so many clothes yet nothing to wear”, then a wardrobe edit can help you. Together, we can find style motivation, and understand what your starting point is – identifying gaps and highlighting the great pieces you already own. 

Whether you are at the beginning of a new chapter in life and want to get rid of some old ballast, are in the middle of moving house, or simply looking for a refresh, Style Unplugged can breathe new life into your wardrobe, and help you harness its creative potential.

Why a wardrobe edit

is great for you

Get rid of clutter- Unload some of the pieces that no longer serve your needs.

Find what works – Rediscover the items you love and make them work for you again.

Restyle your wardrobe – Get the most out of your wardrobe with a comprehensive restyle.

Expert advice – I’ll help you live the way you feel.

What to expect


guide to

wardrobe edits

Step One:

Prior to any wardrobe edit, I offer a free twenty-minute consultation where we can chat through your circumstances, and get to know each other a little bit better. I then send a quick questionnaire for a little insight into you as a person, and what you’re hoping to achieve. Once the time, length and date of the wardrobe edit have been finalised, you will receive a beautiful brochure. This gives you an idea of what to expect, things to do before the edit, and how to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.

Step Two:

We’ll kick off the process with a relaxed chat in your home, which runs through your questionnaire and ensures we are on the same page. At this point, we will discuss your body type, and the colours you like to wear or avoid. I believe a good personal stylist should inspire you and reignite your passion for clothes, not box you in, so I’ll give you a great set of guidelines rather than hard-and-fast rules. 

Step Three:

This is where we’ll look at the contents of your wardrobe. Prior to the edit, you will have separated your clothes into four piles: keep, chuck, charity, and like but don’t know how to wear. Together, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your choices, establishing what we have to work with and identifying the gaps in your collection. This is what I call a ‘restyle’ and leads on perfectly to my personal shopping service.

Discovering your second skin

Why choose The Stylist Studio?

I believe in the transformative potential of clothes to influence not only how others see us, but how we see ourselves. This is the power of our second skin; the ability to make an impact through style. A wardrobe edit helps you walk in total style freedom, achieving a beautifully organised wardrobe that’s been thoroughly detoxed of the garments you no longer want or need.

As a personal stylist, my aim is always to help, educate and guide my clients with kindness, insight and empathy. This is what empowers me as a stylist, and empowers my clients to unleash the power of their wardrobe. 

I’m not here to judge or dictate; I just love to help people to feel the best version of themselves. Whether you want to capture your confidence in a sparkly ball gown or some jeans and a tee – this girl can do both! 

I am highly trained, and have many years of experience in various aspects of the fashion industry. While professionalism is a must for me, I think what sets me apart as a personal stylist is a sense of how our image influences our feelings. Clothing had a huge impact on my own confidence, and this change inspired me to help others.